Stock market Institute

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Stock market Institute


There is a business of about 10 lakh crores daily in the stock market and due to such a big business, everyone wants to come into this business, this is the only business in which you can start a business from 1000 rs.

If you open any other business other than the share market, then you have to invest first to open it, you have to keep the employees whose monthly salary is also required and you have to pay a lot of expenses, and then you will earn whatever profit. It benefits you by cutting expenses from it, but when we talk about the stock market, then you have to pay such a new cost to start the stock market. You just have to open a trading account with a laptop, a broker, and you can start with any small amount and the most important thing about this business is that in which case you are in any corner of India, you can sit at home. Can start it

But now comes the matter of knowledge, so when you start a business other than a share market, you take full knowledge of it and start the business keeping in mind the risk-reward in it, but when it comes to the share market, that logo It just gives a damn that 10 lakh daily business is being done and there are only 2 options to buy and sell, just thinking that it will earn money without any knowledge in the market on one’s own advice. And when they start losing their position, they do not get out of harm’s way and lose a lot of money, but when they are benefiting, they get out of the market very quickly and then only then It is because you have complete knowledge of share market.

And as long as you take all the knowledge of the share market new, till you can earn money at the behest of someone or by yourself, the way you go to buy the same at a shop and do full research in the same way in the stock market also you have to do research and there are 2 ways to do this research, one is technical analysis and the other is fundamental analysis. If you have gained a good knowledge of both, then you can earn money in this business. Why is it that you can do intraday trading and swing trading with technical analysis and that too, keeping in mind the risk-reward and fundamental analysis, you want to invest in any company, short term or long term, then by looking at its financial statement You can find out how big is the company’s growth

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